The enlarged photograph was made from an old miniature "tintype" taken about 1870

Joseph Augustus Williams, 1819-1875, merchant, youngest son of William Joseph Williams and Isabella More, was born in Newbern, North Carolina June 25, 1819, four years before his father's death. He was too young to learn the art of painting from his famous father.

While on a business trip to New York City he met another visitor, Ann Maria Penny, 1829-1871, daughter of Harvey Penny and Abigal Raynor. (The writer has a book on the Penny Family records, compiled by Alonzo Foster in 1895).

Ann and Joseph were married in New York City on March 6, 1848. Of their nine children, only four left descendants, namely:

		George			1857-1906
		John F.			1859-1939
		William			1864-1899
		Charles A.		1866-1937

During the Civil War Joseph took his family and what possessions they could carry and left Newbern just before that city was captured by the Federal troops in March 1862. After much travel difficulty they reached Charlotte, North Carolina, 260 miles west of Newbern. Many descendants still reside in Charlotte today.

Joseph died December 16, 1875 from pleurisy. His tombstone may be seen at the Elmwood cemetery in Charlotte where many other members of his family are buried.