Considered a Self-portrait, ca. 1789, Courtesy of Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia.

William (Joseph) Williams, 1759-1823, artist, miniaturist, jack-of-many-trades, the oldest (and only surviving) son of William and Mary Mare Williams was born in New York City on November 19, 1759. The birth record is recorded in an old bible now in the writer's possession. [Actually, a photocopy of the record -RBW.]

Many of his paintings were done in New York, Philadelphia, Maryland, Virginia, North and South Carolina. He died November 30, 1823 in Newbern, North Carolina and was buried in the Cedar Grove cemetery if that city. A tombstone was erected to his memory by his descendants.

He was married to Isabella More, 1782-1850, in Charleston, South Carolina on May 14, 1804 by Rev. Isaac Stockton Keith. They had five children. Isabella was born near Belfast, Ireland. Two years before his death he became a convert to the Roman Catholic faith and as a layman helped form a congregation which is now St. Paul's Church in Newbern. It is assumed that he took the middle name, Joseph, about this same time.

For more details of his life see the book "William J. Williams, Portrait Painter, and his Descendants: by this writer, Copyright 1933.