Background - RBW 1/9/2008

In 1978, my father, John F. Williams II, put together a family "photo" album. His intent was to produce for the family a pictorial record of the descendants of William Williams (1727-1791). His book, THE ANCESTOR, then forthcoming, is about the life of William Williams, the author and painter. The album starts with the self portrait of William Williams (1727-1791) and continues through male descendants up to the present. This is reproduced as is, with the exception of the additional new data that Barbara and I uncovered in 2005 and 2007 in Bristol, referred to earlier.


A Picture Story by Generations

The pictures in this album, as may be seen, start as seems proper with the oldest generation and proceeds to the newest. By reversing this order, in other words, by starting with the youngest generation, we have in the case of the JFW line the following:

				1. Jonathan Hayes Williams
					eldest son of			
				2. John Francis Williams III
					eldest son of		
				3. John Francis Williams II
					eldest surviving son of	
				4. John Francis Williams I
					son of	
				5. Joseph Augustus Williams
					youngest son of	
				6. William Joseph Williams
					eldest son of	
				7. William Williams
					youngest son of	
				8. William Williams
					son of	
				9. John and Mary
					of St. Augustine parish, Bristol, England
											Prepared by:
											John F. Williams II
											3311 Riviera Drive
											San Diego, Ca. 92109
			NOTE -	This album is the property of the author, JFW II, and may not be reproduced without
					written permission. The material has been taken from the author's book entitled
					THE ANCESTOR, copyrighted in 1968.
					In 1985 the author died, and all property of John F. Williams II, including copyrights,
					was passed to his wife, Virginia P. Williams. In 1989, she died, and all property she
					had passed to her only living son, Robert Bruce Williams. Any property issues should
					be directed to him.


William Williams, 1727-1791, The Ancestor, self-portrait

William J. Williams, 1759-1823, American portrait painter of Presidents

Joseph A. Williams, 1819-1875

John Francis Williams I, 1859-1939

John Francis Williams II, 1894-1985

John Francis Williams III 1922-

Jonathan H. Williams 1959-

A few other paintings of the Ancestor, William Williams (1727-1791)

Gentleman and Wife at the Winterthur Museum

William Hall at the Winterthur Museum